Jdbc Adabas Driver


I have naturals with Adabas Demo Database installed on windows. I want to access the data of the Demo Database and extract it using an external program (Talend ETL). How to request a Trial Jbdc Driver to accomplish the same and after getting the JDBC driver for Adabas, can we connect and access the data from Adabas-Natural Demo Database?


JDBC access to ADABAS is only available via the ADABAS SQL Gateway,
there is no downloadable community/trial version, so what you are asking for is not possible.

One option would be to access Adabas data using the REST facilities.
Either the Adabas REST server which provides access to Adabas data directly or
an API service from EntireX.


The advantage of using Adabas SQL Gateway is the support of 100+ other data sources with the optionof federated joins.

Thank you, Wolfgang and Thorsten. I will look into both options. Is there a document on REST facilities for Adabas?