Connect Adabas within .Net C# API's

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I am very new to Adabas and Natural , I want to create a sample WEB API wihtin .Net using C# and connect to Adabas data file .
I ready this could be possibel using SQL Gateways however i have no where to start .
Can anyone please guide /provide some pointers regarding the same.

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If your company has the product “Adabas SQL Gateway” purchased, you can use that to access Adabas data via SQL (ODBC or JDBC) calls. You will need an administrator for the product to provide you with a connection and a “CDD” (Connx Data Dictionary) that maps the Adabas files you need to SQL layouts.

Other options that may be available include Adabas REST access or EntireX (provides access to services via web services - REST or SOAP or direct requests from .Net wrappers - that may expose the data you need).

In any case, reach out to your Adabas database administrators for information on which approaches they support and what might be most appropriate to your requirements.

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concerning C#, we don’t provide a client API. At the moment following programming languages are supported:

The nodeJS and GO implementation are public and use the new ADATCP API to access Adabas. It may be an option to implement a C# version. Unfortunately it is a very low level protocol. You need to implement the Adabas buffer parsing as well.

The Adabas RESTful server or the EntireX REST binding would be an better option to connect from Web-API to Adabas data. If you have a Adabas LUW license the Adabas RESTful data-access server is installed with the Adabas RESTful administration in the last Adabas version.

The EntireX implementation may provide a more professional method to connect data to the REST API. But this I don’t know in detail.


Thank you all, very helpful information. I am coordinating with relevant teams within my organisation to check about the licenses.