how to connect to adabas using and retrieve data?


I should connect to adabas database through and retrieve data file so do i need to add any dlls into my project(
do u have any oledb connection string to connect to adabas database?
please send me any code sample…

Do you have Adabas SQL Gateway? See the documentation for that

Where is the Adabas database located? If the data is considered to be local to your application, then using the Adabas SQL Gateway or Entire Access is the desired way to open up Adabas to the ODBC/SQL world.

If the database is a remote application, though, I would recommend creating services and exposing them as down the road, you don’t want to break something when you replace or move systems because they are tightly integrated with something you didn’t think of. There are many ways to do this, including use of EntireX or SOA Gateway.

Thank u Kelly and Johnson. If I have any queries then il let u know.

Please do reply for my post

where can i get the free trial versions of adabas database server and adabas sql gateway?

You should discuss with your Software AG account rep. While the database server is downloadable as part of the community edition if the Windows version is acceptable, other platforms such as the mainframe and the Adabas SQL Gateway product are not downloadable.

Your account rep, then, should be able to set you up with a time-bound trial.

Thank you very much Johnson.

when i install Adabas Community edition and try to create a database then it is throwing one error like license file is not valid.

From where can i get the trial version of Adabas?
Please help…

Remove your license file and you will have the trial (limited) version of Adabas.