Javascript error in the home page of MWS 7.0

Dear All,

After login into MWS 7.0 on the web page by account Administrator, go to the home page(http://localhost:8080/, then it pop a javascript error, says ‘Event’ is undefined(pls see the attached picture for detail), and all links on the page don’t work. I restored all IE config to default, it occur still.But I use another computer to login, everything is OK. May the browser brings the problem, but I have no idea to solve it.

OS: MS Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4
Browser: MS IE 6.0.2800.1106



I got the same mistake with users that were still using WIN 2K with IE 6 SP1.

But Users using WIN XP with IE 6 SP2 got no troubles.

I still don’t know how I found this Patch/fix, but it solved all my troubles:
Try the get the following files on the microsoft website:

If you can’t get it, remind me to send it to you by email !


this is issue with JavascriptServlet and JavascriptBatchServlet
both provided with source in MWS. They are not RFC conform
in the point of Accept-Encoding (always send GZIP javascript content)
And some other points.

SR + FR are open and cheduled for 7.1.2