java.sql.SQLException: Could not get connection (Help needed urgently)

Hi Guys,

I am facing an issue while connecting to the internal DB of the IS.Continuously we are getting java.sql.SQLException: Could not get connection error logged in the IS.But when we manually test the connection in the IS admin console it works fine.Because of this error the servers are getting hung.

Please let me know why this might be happening and a probable solution for this ASAP.


Did you tried to increase the logging level to see if anything else is getting logged on server/error log which is more relevent?

yes…But i could only find this error coming continuously.

Can you please tell me under what all scenarios this exception might occur

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Please let me know where the responses for this issues is kept. The link would help as i am facing the same issue at production environment.

Jyothi H.V

This is the original thread. There are no other responses in any other thread.

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