Java Service In wM IS

Hi Friends,

I m not familiar with Java…
I tried to create a java service for copy a file from one directory to another directory in WebMethods…

But I m unable to compile. got this error message… kindly help me…

/app/webmethods70/xpi/IntegrationServer/packages/GSCT_Test/code/source/GSCT_Test/ copyDirectory( in GSCT_Test.Mohan cannot be applied to (,



In webMethods the java services are compiled automatically when you try to save your service. For your problem, either there is not enough permission for copying the file to the target directory (look for write permission for that folder) and try to execute your service.


Can you post your Java service content? It looks like you’re trying to pass an IData object to a copyDirectory method but that method is expecting 2 objects.

Mohan indicates that the service won’t compile. So the service can not run. So this isn’t a permissions issue (at this point).

Look at the error:

copyDirectory([B][COLOR="SeaGreen"][/color][/b]) in GSCT_Test.Mohan cannot be applied to ([B][COLOR="Red"],[/color][/b])

You call the copyDirectory function with the wrong parameters…