Java service : Expiring the response queue message

Hi there…

I have a java service which puts the response msg to the reply queue. Now, is there a way to expire the message after a certain period? My current requirement is to expire the response message from the queue after 5 mins.

Any help/suggestion (at the earliest ;)) is appreciated!


Did you find anything in the wM docs about how to configure a document and/or document type to set the expiration/time-to-live property?

Thanks Reamon for taking time off and replying…
Well the wM Docs says about expiration/time-to-live property for publishable documents and triggers… And in my case i need the time-to-live for the response message in the MQ queue… Unable to dig out any info on this… :frowning: Help… Pls Pls Pls… :slight_smile: