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Am very new to this wMUsers and o’course new to webMethods too. Have a very little knowledge about this technology. I know we can write java services in webMethods. Java is getting updated with latest versions. My doubt is how could we incorporate those updated versions in webMethods?? Is it possible?? Or is it like the java version supported by webMethods is a constant one?? Thanks in advance.

Obviously, yes, you can update your JVM.

To be short, for the Integration Server, you have to modify JAVA_DIR from in order to specify the root directory of your own JAVA installation.
It’s the same for other components (MetadataLibray, MWS, …).

The best thing is to go to the root wM installation directory (/opt/webMethods7 by defaut) and do a

find . -type f -exec grep -l ‘webMethods7/jvm/’ {} ;

and the modify all scripts to correspond to your own java version.

Obviously, you have to use the same major version of JAVA (i.e., wM7 is comming with Java 1.5 or Java 5, so you have to use the latest version of JAVA 1.5, not JAVA 6)

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Many thanks for your reply Mr.Laurent

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