Java exceptions in Finalizer after invoking a dll

If the COM object throws an exception, without returning a proper error message, the Integration Server crashes. This has been observed before and reported to webMethods support. One way to get rid of this error is to make sure that the COM object return a valid error message each time something goes wrong inside the com object.
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Thanks for your reply Vinod.
I suppose I cannot catch the error through a Try Catch mechanism, can I?


Another question: since the wM implementation of the COM call seems not to be stable, I’m thinking of writing a Java service.
However, every example I find on the web (using JNI) requires the native class to be recompiled.
However, this is clearly not done by the wM call. Does anybody know how to implement such a call from within Java without the need to recompile the native (COM) class to be recompiled?
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