Java API Doc and Sample source


Is it possible to get a Java API Doc for the Portlet classes.
For example when I generate a Portlet it extends the com.webmethods.portal.framework.portlet.beans.JspPortletBean class but I have no idea what JspPortletBean does.

There are samples under …\webMethods6\Portal\components\demos and …\webMethods6\Portal\components\samples. Is it possible to get the source code for these samples?

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I’ll answer your second question first. Over the course of the next release, we plan on investing a significant amount of time rebuilding those samples as well as making their source code available. Unfortunately, the source for those exisiting samples are only available on a case by case basis now.

The javadocs for the JspPortletBean are available with the PortletDeveloper IDE. Please contact if you don’t already have this new Development Tool.

–mark imel


I am trying to use the wm_tree portlet for displaying and editing an xml file. At present I am finding this difficult. Can you provide the api doc/source code for wm_tree or some guidelines to achieve this. For example how do we find the id of an element once it is rendered by the wm_tree portlet as a table? I am using webMethods portal 6.5 for development.

Unfortunately I could not find these resources on Advantage for some reason, if you email me at I will mail you some sample and a guide