Issue with OpenSSH service

Hi All,

I have developed a flow service and have used the wm.openssh:execSSH service in it as I have to use SFTP protocol for file transfers to a remote host.

The SSH configuration has been done and is working properly,But the issue I am facing is the SSH service is returning a same status code ‘0’ for both failure and error scenarios.I am not able to do the process validation because of this.

Could someone please let me know what I need to do to rectify this issue.


There was always an issue with the OpenSSH return codes where it doesn’t return the status as expected and even SAG trying to get these fixed in the later wM releases for sFTP.
I am sure some one in the forum has an alternative approach to deal these

Can you give bit more details on what you are trying to achieve(GET,PUT ??). How did you know it failed?


Hi Niteesh,

I am using both Put and rename commands at 2 different locations in the flow service.

I was doing negative testing by deliberately giving wrong folder name. The file did not get moved as expected but still the return code was ‘0’ which generally is thrown for successful processing.

It would be great if someone could suggest me a solution for this or any other alternate approach for using SFTP.


Hi Nikhil,

Yes, me too had the same problem. Do you have permission for running pub.openssh:ssh service? If yes, create a wrapper and check for the file in target after you do sftp put operation. That should be fine. If you dont have permission, then you might wanna match the error message and all, thats not perfect solution.

My $.02