Issue with EI


I am new to EI and using 4.6. Trying to configure a new database operation for Oracle Intelligent adapter. After the opreration template is selected, EI is not reponding for many hours and after that throws an error “The adapter is not contacted yet or it is not running”. Adapter is green always. But in EI it shows as red ball after the message. The Adapter time out in EI is 600 seonds and the polling interval is 60 seconds under Edit->Prederences. Any work around to solve this issue?.


are you using Ei with SP1?

I got the same error, but only after having installed SP1. Try to use EI without SP1.

Hope that helps!

Hi Michaela,

Thanks for the reply. I don’t have any idea How to uninstall only SP1. Intially I had 4.1 installtion and then upgraded to 4.6. In Help->About shows the data as “Version 4.6 031502”. Is the same version you are using?.