Oracle Intelligent Adapter problem

Server Details:EAI Server ver 4.1 on windows 2000. I am using Oracle Intelligent Adapter.

When i installed Oracle Intelligent Adapter and configured for remote Oracle Server, it was working fine.

But now in the “Adapter Configuration” the configured adapter is not working fine.
When i start the adapter the status ball turns red.

In Test mode the adapter runs fine without showing any error.In Debug mode too the adapter runs fine without showing any error.
In command mode the adapter runs fine.

I am able to connect to the Oracle server through Oracle client installed in the machine.

I think may be some apdater configuration might have been corrupted.

Any tips from anyone who has come accross the same problem.

thanks in advance.

Have you restarted the service ActiveWorks Adapter 4.0 from Win 2000 Administrative Tools/Services?

We did not have this problem in Oracle Intelligent adapter. But we experienced the similar problem in other application adapters. If the Adapter monitor were started by another user (not the user who is configured to use adapter_configure tool), the adapter could not work in normal mode, but only worked in debug mode. Thus, you also need to make sure the user who restart the adapter monitor (ActiveWorks Adapter 4.0) and use the adapter_configure tool is the same one.

When you runthe adapter in debug mode, what error message have you got? Frm the error message, you may find the reasons, such as some operations or the Ei components are not correctly configured.

Hope this can help you.