Issue with CA Wily Introscope and webMethods 9.7


Another finding from bringing up our webMethods 9.7. Upon adding CA Wily Introscope 9.7 JVM arguments to our custom_wrapper.conf for our default IS instance, we noticed the the JVM would exit upon launch. This was because of an issue with JVM 1.7 and profilers that use byte-code instrumentation for 1.5 which Wily does. To remedy this we had to add the following to our custom_wrapper.conf You can read more about -XX:-UseSplitVerifier at Oracle. A quick summary is it may lengthen the IS bootup time. Perhaps a Wily upgrade would remedy this issue, but we are not going to be upgrading Wily to resolve this single issue.

Good luck with 9.7.


Hi Zach,

Can you please provide me the correct arguments to be placed in custom_wrapper.conf file to get the agent instrumented.

I have the below line in custom_wrapper.conf and Webmethods IS is started and running fine but agent is not instrumenting. -javaagent:/webm/srv01/CAWily/wily/AgentNoRedef.jar

Thanks in advance.