Issue with Async Processing Rule

Hi All,
I have a processing rule which is executed asynchronously. When I submit the document to TN, the processing status is changed to ABORTED instead of Done and a null pointer exception is thrown.
When I placed savePipelineToFile, the file is empty. But surprisingly the same service works perfectly fine when the execution is synchronous.

Any reason why this is happening, is there any property which can be changed to correct this.


How are you submitting the data and does that invoking your proc rule and service in the Asynchronous mode?

Does in the Activity log shows any more error details for each step can you check?


I’m submitting the data through Submit Documents screen in MWS and the savePipelineToFile in the Processing rule service is not getting anything.

But the activity log shows, the processing rule has been selected and throws an NULL POINTER EXCEPTION at the first step of my service.

This issue got fixed after applying the lastest EDI fix.