Issue w/TNWeb

When querying for transactions I have the option of entering a Conversation ID. However, if I simply search for a particular Document Type (RAE) and give a date/time range, the results page does not show the conversation Id of the RAEs. Having the conversation ID sure would be helpful when searching for all related documents.

Is your TN processing logic updating the ConversationID’s for all the related documents(RAE’s) persisted?? so that when queried upon CID it will showup all the doc’s that match with corresponding CID.


Yes, we are updating the conversationID field for all related docs - we can see that in TNConsole. In TNWeb however the convID is not shown on the transaction query results page.


If I understand correctly, all you want is for the Conversation ID to appear in the results, correct? If so, that’s simple: go to the Detail View tab and check the “Conversation ID” check box.

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I apologize. I was thinking about the TN console. Disregard my post.