Issue in IS server log

Greetings All,

Can any one of you please advise on IS server log below?


Server Log:


[524060]2009-07-20 21:22:42 PDT [ISS.0053.0007C] Debug RI SSL isssue : 1424176845ProtocolState
[524059]2009-07-20 21:22:42 PDT [ISS.0053.0007C] Debug RI SSL isssue : 1424176845ProtocolState created thread = 719076236
[524058]2009-07-20 21:22:42 PDT [ISS.0053.0007C] Debug RI SSL isssue : 1424176845ProtocolState requestHeader new value =

I can see more no.of these entries in server logs daily which is causing in creating log files with more size. I suspect this is affecting my IS performance. How do I avoid these logs?

We have a RI proxy set up between our stage server and DM(Proxy) server. Above logs, I can see in my stage server.

I would appreciate your prompt response.

Thank you,

Sathishkumar Batta

in IS adimin, Logging setting check
0079 Reverse Invoke
try to lower it or remove it.

Hi Tongwang,

Thanks for your reply. Currently the log level it shows is “Fatal”. Do you suggest me to reduce it to “None”?

Also can you please clarify, what is this meant for? Is it a warning message? Does it really affect my IS performance?

Sathishkumar Batta


what’s your fix level? These messages appear when debug fix is applied for RI.
This debug fix emits detail messages about RI calls

I guess what Shahid said was right, you must have some debug fix.
it’s just logging the thread activity related to RI.
If you don’t care about the message, just try to remove the logging (not sure it will disable the debugging log though).
I don’t think performance is a big concern.

you need to set the logging status to minimum that should take care;
remove any debug log services in the code which are not required;
the log file size typically should not matter to performance; it can be cleaned periodically when the server is being maintained

Hi All,

Thanks for your inputs.

Tong, As you suggested, I have lowered the debugging level for 0079 from “Fatal” to “Off”. Yah it still shows this log. Per day it is creating 18 lakhs entries.

“[1820117]2009-07-28 23:06:35 PDT [ISS.0053.0007C] Debug RI SSL isssue”.

Is there any other way to make this log off?

Thanks in advance.

Sathishkumar Batta

Hi Shahid,

I could see the fix “RN_7-1-1_1-1UNS7I_DebugFix7” applied to the IS and below are the logging level we changed on IS logging page.

Default Error
Integration Server Error
0079 Reverse Invoke Off
RosettaNet Error
Trading Networks Error
WmXSLT Package Error
Flat File Error
Deployer Error
Adapters Error

Even after making 0079 to off and lowering others too, we are still getting this log. Due to this, we are not able to verify the log files for other issues. sometimes its creating 3 GB log file.

Would appreciate your help.



When SAG Support gives a debug fix then the R&D engineer puts in this debug logging so that if this fix does not work then at least he will get the information that he needs to create a new fix. You can not manually disable this logging, when this fix is made official then the Engineer will remove the debug code in the fix and publish it to the Advantage.


Thanks for your clarification Akshith.

I will try to contact vendor support to make this log disable.


hi friends,
i have a servlet deployed in tomcat which is embeded into IS integration server;
when writing the log information from the servlet to server.log file the log info is not writing into the log file, but the request is successful

following is the code snippet:- any clues, appreciated, thanks in advance

protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub

    //BufferedReader b = request.getReader ();
    //String IDoc = b.readLine ();
    response.getWriter().print("SAPIDOC - GET Successful \n");
    ServletContext ctx = getServletContext();
    // Will show on IS level 8
    ctx.log("logging a string in the IS server log via the Servlet API");"Servlet logging at the IS level 4");
    log.debug("Servlet logging at the IS level 8");

    {"ServletLog:  start log message");
  "//..//..//..//..////")+"SAPidoc" + System.currentTimeMillis()+ ".xml");
    catch (Exception e)
         log.error("ServletError: " + e.getMessage());

    response.getWriter().print("SAPidoc" + System.currentTimeMillis()+ ".xml");


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