Issue Enterprise Integrator mapping large documents

I am currently attempting to map Open Applications Group structures in webMethods. I have imported the documents in webMethods but when I attempt to map them it takes about 20 minutes for EI to open the graphical mapping tool. The DTD for the document was 17KB the .ADL was 500KB. I am running a Pentium III 700 Mhz with 512MB of RAM. Has anyone had this problem or know a possible work around?


Ciro Maria
Enterprise Architect
Amersham Health

Increase the memory(Java Heap Size) for Enterprise Integrator.
Default is 256MB which is not sufficent to open big structures.

To increase memory

1 Edit the shortcut pointing to Webmethods EI.
It should look like this :
“C:\Program Files\webMethods\EnterpriseIntegrator4\bin\ei.exe” -Xmx512m

Above change will increase EI heap size to 512MB

Harminder Singh
Diagonal Consulting