Hi PPL!,

I was busy yesterday, programming and everything went fine. The code worked, tamino worked but all of a sudden: no more tamino. It stopped working…!!!

It seems that the dllhost.exe is messed up. It looks like it is looped somehow and it doesn’t empties itself anymore. SO the server crashes.

So I checked the following:
ASP code → is fine
IIS → works fine
API’S → installed and running
taminox.ocx installed and registered

Tamino tools: can’t connect
: "the connection to the server could not be established. "

tamino manager: works fine; database is running.

So I reinstalled the modiis.dll, nodelevelupdate.dll, taminox.ocx and registered them. restarted IIS.

But today it isn’t doing anything!!!

Any suggestions???

My system = win2000 Pro SP3

You shouldn’t be any chance have run the MS-recommended “Lockdown” tool ?
I have a cust who did this with approx the same result.
Free from my memory: it’s a problem of the location of the Modiis module; the lockdown disallows execution of modules from the directory where the installation puts modiis.

Nope, I haven’t used the lockdown tool.

From one moment to another everything stopped working… we didn’t change anything on our pc!