[ISS.0088.9164] Access to WSDescriptor denied


I am facing a weird behavior.

I have a WS created in WM9 instance and shared the wsdl with clients.WS has the ACL username/password set up.

When the client tried to send the request ,he is getting the response back .But in our Error logs I can see the error
[ISS.0088.9164] Access to WSDescriptor xxxx denied.I am facing this error only with the clients ,who are using .net application to call the WS.I checked with client ,but he is saying he is using the right credentials and getting response back .So he can’t change any thing .

I explored on this error on different forums and found that “.net doesn’t negotiate the authentication the way web
methods expects it”.I am not sure what exactly to be done on .net program side.

Can anyone know what exactly this behavior and how to resolve it.


Hi Sridhar,

I suggest to check the Permissions properties of your Web Service Provider.

List ACL, Read ACL, Write ACL and execute ACL. You may have set correct execute ACL but check on read one.



Make sure you have the user, group and ACL created on IS admin page and then configure the List ACL, Read ACL, Write ACL and execute ACL accordingly… It should work…

To test the same try using a SAOP UI, load your WSDL, configure the username and password, and provide the required inputs and test…

Hi Mahesh/Rankesh,

Thanks for your quick response.I made fwe more testings and analysis and found out that the issue seems to be with Execute ACLs.
1)When I give execute ACLs to Ananymous I am not getting this error in Error Logs.
2)When I setup the Execture ACL to xxx ,I am getting this error.
But in the both the above cases I am getting the response from the WS I noticed that the issue is at my end rather at client application end.One more strange thing is there are 75+ WSDs in the same folder and having the same ACL set up like this WSD,but not getting any error.

Not able to understand ,what went wrong only to this particular WSD. I compared almost all the properties with other WSDs and looks they are same.


This issue has been resolved after changing the WSD “Pre-8.2 compatibility mode” property to “True”.

This WSD is created in WM9.0 version and as per my understanding we can keep the above property to “False” from WM8.2 developers.

Is it some kind of an config set up issue.

Still what I don’t understand is ,there are other WSDs created in WM9.0 and using the same ACLs and working fine with out Errors.Only very few of these WSDs had this issue.


Thanks for sharing the resolution…