HTTP Error 403

Hi All,

I am getting error " You are not authorized to view this page " " HTTP Error 403- Forbidden " when trying to view WSDL in the browser from developer on clicking view wsdl file option.

Web methods version : 7.1.2

Kindly help me to resolve this.

Thanks in advance.

Does your login user from the Developer has Administrator privileges?


Please check the webService Connector ACLs? webservice connectors generally have an anonymous execute ACL.



Yes I agree with Rankesh to check on the ACL’s side of aspect also.

Thanks for the responses.

The problem with provider webservice descriptor and we changed all the ACL privileges to Anomymous

and even we login using Administrator privilege while creating provider webservice descriptor using IS service.

This is the WSDL url


Below fixes are in:

1.I S_7.1.2_Core_Fix16
2. IS_7-1-2_SrvPrtcl_Fix7
3. IS_7-1-2_SrvPrtcl_Fix6
4. IS_7.1.2_SrvPrtcl_Fix14
5. IS_7-1-2_WebSvcsXML_Fix7
6. IS_7-1-2_WebSvcsXML_Fix6
7. IS_7.1.2_WebSvcsXML_Fix13