Isntsvcexe hogging my processor

I have a win 2000 advanced server running WM 6.0.1

I just admin the NT platform and know close to nothing about WM.
The cpu and memory are being heavily utilised over the past week and each time I am alerted to this I see that we have 4 instances of isntsvc.exe running for various amounts of time. They appear to be responsible for my 100% cpu utilisation.

Is it normal to have multiple instances running?
Anybody had similar experiences?
I have tried killing the processes to no avail but when I recycled the WM services I saw an improvement in response.

any thoughts greatly appreciated

following are the services that execute for IS 6x

  1. Broker Monitor
  2. Broker Server(s) (multiple services at different ports)
  3. webMethods IS

Since u didn’t mention which service is hogging resources, hard to say whats going on but usually if you have the above configuration for webMethods dont plan to run anything else on that box…
Also not knowning what kind of integrations and how intensive they are you wont be able to improve performance on your side without consulting with a wM architect/developer onsite and sizing up the box accordingly.