Flow service Memory Consuming


My Integration server consuming very high memory every day.
the memory usage is everage 98% of 1GB.

My problem is, i don’t know which service that consuming much memory.
How do i know, every service memory consuming in webMethods?


If you’re not encountering errors, then this probably something you don’t need to worry about.

Document size and pipeline management (drop vars when done with them) are two items to look at.

You might refer Service Usage page on IS Admin consol to find out services taking lot of time to complete. This might give you an idea to identify bottlenecks or components where investigation is needed.

The Service Usage page does not include the time it takes for services to run. It shows execution count and last ran date/time.

hi reamon and ajainaina
thank for the respone.

this problem occure every time i restart the server. it’s mean there is no running proccess that consume much memory.
i have tried to unload some package. i found the memory usage decreased from 98% downto avg 60%.

My Other question:
how much memory used for every single service loaded into memory every time we start the Integration Server?


Is it really a problem? Is something failing? If not, then it’s probably not worth investigating at this time. During normal operation, IS will consume and release memory regularly, including up to the max.

How much memory is used by a service depends on the service.

If you have the WmOptimize package installed without having configured a Broker for it you might actually have a problem. Otherwise most likely not as previously stated.

Hi all,

We have webMethods 7.0 installed on one of our client. We use custom developed FTP service to do file transfer from remote folder to IFW at an interval of 5 minutes regularly. Basically that custom service is being run using webMethods scheduler service.
For some time, we are facing webMethods crashing/thread dump yet no other activity except the FTP service was running.
We have tried tweaking JVM properties but it did not help much. Thread dump analysis suggests that java heap was almost exhausted. I doubt that FTP service is not releasing the memory. Is there any way to check that and possible solution of the same. Any sort of help/suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks for all the help!


You can use Profiler like wily/writia available for webMethods to get in depth details regarding time taken by a service to run. Min/Max/Avg time. Memory utilization of server etc details can be get using hte profiler. and acording to those finding you can tweak your services