Webmethods CPU and system resource utilization

I have a question to everyone. Why is webMethods Integration Server on all platforms I have seen it (Windows, SUN, HP, AIX) at runtime is using 90-100% of CPU? Does anybody has any definitive answers to this? As compared to other Java applications that do similar processing I notice only sometime CPU can spike to 100%, webMethods does this all the time especially when processing large documents.

I think the CPU maxes out during Java’s garbage collection function. Many companies have the Integration server 4.6 running with the option
-XincGC for incremental garbage collection. In version 6.0.1, the option is included in the standard server.bat file.

See what Sun has to say about garbage collection at:

Many of the points in the article are good for JVM 1.3.1 also. If you are concerned about the amount of CPU usage, you might want to tune your garbage collection. HP has some good tools for monitoring unix systems that are running java. For windows, check the web site www.sysinternals.com for some good tools for monitoring CPU usage by thread.