Javawexe workflowserver

I have configured workflow server 6.1 on windows.
Just after 1st login to WF server more than 8 javaw.exe services are running.
Even after rebooting the system and before starting IS these exe services are running and consuming lot of memory.
Is there any way to handle this problem?

Sorry I didn’t actually got the question, Are u having memory problem which you want to solve or you don’t want those java services to run cause if you are running WorkFlow server those java services will be running , actually there willbe nine services not eight, so according to me you can’t do anything about that(Anybody correct me if i am wrong), but you can always change the java memory settings for workflow servers so that they don’t consume alot of your memory.

Thanks for info Taz,

Currently I don’t have any memory problem. Just I want to know about why these many number of services running, even without generating a single workflow. Are they really required or generated due to some setting criteria. How to manage the memory problems if any in future?

Well When ever you start the WorkFlow server those nine processes will be there and you can’t do anything about that but you can for sure change the java memory setting of the WorkFlow components like designer etc. You can change those settings in :


Thanks TAZ