[ISC.0076.9012] JSON input stream does not start with the "{" character

[//]: # Currently, the following error is occurring:

[ISC.0076.9012] JSON input stream does not start with the “{” character or the input stream is not a valid JSON scalar value at root level.

Product/components used and version/fix level:

Server: webMethods Integration Server Version

O.S: Linux

OS.Release: 4.18.0-425.19.2.el8_7.x86_64



Build Number: 724

Description with details:

This error appears to be random, as it is sometimes reported and does not happen all the time. It has been challenging to identify and reproduce this error since it is in a production environment. Furthermore, research has been conducted on the official SAG forums, and an article ([KB Article - 1757738 : webMethods Integration Server - REST invocation fails with [ISC.0076.9012] Invalid state. JSON input stream does not start with the “{” character. - webMethods Integration Server [PIE]

This KB mentions that there is a fix for this error in version 9.6, but I am unsure if this version 10.11 has a similar fix for this error.

The service where this error is occurring is complex, as it uses multiple components. However, there is a hypothesis that the error may occur when transforming with response of the HTTP call when trying to transform stream object to document using pub.json:jsonStreamToDocument.

Any suggestion or comment?


To provide any meaningful feedback that is more than just pure speculation, we’d need to know more about the service to determine if it is indeed a pipeline var collision of some sort.

We’d need to know what the specific input is when the error occurs.

You’ll likely need to share the service steps themselves masking any sensitive items as needed but still providing sufficient detail.

Forgot to note: fixes for prior versions are often added as fixes for later versions. Use text from the fix for 9.6 to search for the same fix for 10.11.

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If you enable audit for the service you are experiencing this problem and save pipeline for errors and save the pipeline variable for this json string, you can review what went wrong. You need MWS and IS configured to external DB and Devs need to set audit for this to the service or you need to do it on the fly.

For the fixes, if you don’t see the same fix for version 10.11, that means its either already baked in, to the initial installation(because version 9.6 is pretty old, the same fix was probably included in to the base installation), or in one of the fixes you already installed or haven’t installed. Chances are for this to be a new bug is low,(because version isn’t very new) so installing the latest fixes might resolve your problem.

I would review the failing JSON strings first by enabling audit first. It is highly likely that you are receiving a malformed JSON string. If service audit function is not enabled for your environment, you can add a try catch to the service you mentioned, and send the json string as email(or some other way) to the proper channels upon failure.

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