ISAPI Redirect to Portal through AJP

Hi… we are trying to configure an external facing IIS server to redirect into a web app hosted on the webMethods Fabric 7 SP2 Portal. We have followed the instructions in the webMethods installation guide, enabling port 8009 and configuring the ajp connector files on the IIS server.

We have got this working sucessfully, however our problem is that all traffic passing through the IIS server is now redirected to the webMethods portal, meaning that the rest of the website has stopped working (We want [URL=“”][/URL] to go to the portal, where as the rest of [URL=“”][/URL] should continue to work through the IIS webserver.)

I suspect we need to configure the worker file ( to somehow redirect only the traffic we want to portal, instead of the default of everything (*/=portal).

If anyone has done this before, or could give me some pointers on how to configure this, please let me know.

Also, does anyone know how to disable directory browsing on the Jetty Server?


We found out how to disable directory browsing - Change the “dirAllowed” setting in the defaultPortletAppWeb.xml file to false.

dirAllowed false