Problem Configure Additional Site Under the Same Web Server


I am running Tamino, W2K3, IIS 6.
I wanted to set up a 2nd web site on the same web server for Tamino testing purpose.
Does anyone know if there is an issue with this setup?

Tamino is running on the same box with IIS.
The default web site (port 80) is working properly with Tamino.

When I created a 2nd web site (port 81) on the same web server. I can’t get Tamino query to work. Always getting HTTP 404, page not found.

My configuration steps are:

  1. Under IIS, add the 2nd web site on port 81.
  2. Add Tamino ISAPI filter “modiis.dll”. I tried both, sharing the same modiis.dll with the main default web site (c:\Inetpub\InoScripts\modiis.dll), as well as make a copy of modiis.dll and put it in the home directory of the 2nd web site. Neither works.
  3. There is already an allowed Tamino Web Service Extension for “c:\Inetpub\InoScripts\modiis.dll” in place. I’ve also tried by adding a 2nd Web Service Extension that points to the 2nd copy of modiis.dll.
  4. In Tamino Manager, add both web servers (the default and the 2nd sites).
  5. Under the designated Tamino database, assign both web sites to the database.
  6. Reboot IIS, WWW Publishing Services, Tamino database .etc.

All queries against the default web site (port 80) still work, but the ones targeting the 2nd site (port 81) return HTTP 404.
What I am doing wrong?

Thanks. :frowning:

Hi, I had to do exactly this the other week and did manage to get this working. The way I achieved this was:-

  1. added a 2nd website on port 81
  2. added a virtual directory called inoScripts pointing to the directory ‘C:\Inetpub\inoScripts’ (where modiis.dll resides) with execute permission.
  3. Added a modiis.dll as a ISAPI filter.
  4. restarted that website.
  5. verified by start IE, and trying the url http://localhost:81/tamino/mydb?_diagnose=echo. This worked.

Thank Stuart. It has been a while since I tinkered with IIS and has totally forgot about Virtual Directory.
I got it working now.

Thank very much. :smiley: