IIS/Tamino - 2 websites, 2 databases, one machine

I currently have 2 websites that are in 2 Tamino databases (let’s call them A and B), running through IIS on on an NT machine.

With one website (A), the normal http://www.A.com/tamino/DataBaseA/Collection1/Schema1/filename.xxx
URL works fine, but with site B, this does not work and the file is not found.

However, if I substitute the machine’s IP address or www.A.com for www.B.com in the URLs it works fine.

What’s happening to the requests from http://www.B.com/tamino/DataBaseB/Collection2/Schema2/filename.xxx which always generate http 404 “file not found” replies?

Both are running off the same IP address, and using IIS’s Host Headers to route the incoming queries to the appropriate “site”. I suspect there is some problem with this interfering with the requests that should be directed to tamino, but I can’t understand why site A is working and site B does not.

Any solutions?

Many thanks,

James Stapley. :confused:

I think the problem is because the Tamino ISAPI filter is installed globally under the Master Properties of Microsoft Management Console (which is correct) but the site www.B.com doesn’t have access to a scripts directory that contains the filter.

Can you please check the following:

1) Is the tamino ISAPI filter installed under the Master Properties, and does it show as a green arrow?

2) Does www.B.com have a scripts directory which contains modiis.dll and has execute permission set? The easiest way to do this is create a new Virtual directory under www.B.com that points to www.A.com’s scripts location, with executable permission set


Brilliant! That’s fixed it. Saves me a couple of days of changing URL’s…

The ISAPI filters are under the Master Properties with a green arrow. The “A.com” site was set up by someone else and seems to also have the modis.dll ISAPI filter installed there in addition to it being in the master properties (under Properties/ISAPI).

B.com” doesn’t have this but still seems to work now I have put in the virtual directory pointing to “A.com’s” scripts directory as suggested.

Many thanks for your excellent and prompt assistance!