HTTP Security with IIS 5.0


Does anybody know how to block the access to tamino virtual directory with IIS 5.0, so that nobody can access directly to the database through the Internet?

The Tamino virtual directory doesn’t appear in the IIS console, so all we can do is remove the anonymous access from the entire website, but that’s not what we want, because the rest of the website (with dynamic pages that use Tamino) has to be accessed.

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Matis Workgroup

One possibility is to have a two machines running IIS. One machine hosts the website including the application that uses Tamino. The Tamino filter is not included here. The other machine has the Tamino filter and Tamino database and justs hosts Tamino. A firewall could be employed to enhance security by only allowing port 80 into the main site and only access to the main website. This will prevent hackers trying to get to the Tamino database running on the other machine from the public internet.

Would it be easier to lock down anonymous (“public”) access to the Tamino database using Apache? Maybe using only one machine (BTW. I’m not running a bank :-))?

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Matis Workgroup

One could set up a web service using Apache running on some port say 8080. The firewall only allows access to the main website running on port 80 which restricts access to those on the public internet. Just use the apache to host Tamino. Of course this is a cheaper option! :slight_smile:

Access to Tamino from the web application would be http://localhost:8080/tamino/yourdb/….