Is XI Adaptor 4.6 compactible with Integration Server 9.5?

Hi All,

We migrated to webMethods 9.5 from webMethods 7.1 few years ago and we left few interfaces on 7.1 cause that time XI adaptor was not compatible with IS 9.5. I don’t know the exact details and it happened before I joined the team and the previous team already left the company.

Now we are trying to migrate those interfaces from 7.1 to 9.5 and before we proceed I just want to check XI Adaptor 4.6 is compatible with IS 9.5 or not.

Looking forward to hear from you soon and many thanks for your help in advance.


Hi Paul,

please have a look at the recent Adapter Requirements Guide:

You will have to download XI Adapter 4.6 SP1 and apply latest Fix10 or Fix11 to it.

Please make sure that you have an Extended Maintenance Agreement for wM 9.5 SP1 in place.