IS write File | Encoding ISO-8955-2

Hi All,

I am facing an issue with encoding of the file written on IS folder . The logic is that we have a XML string of ISO-8955-2 encoding which we are writing on IS using bytesToFile build in service(encoding as IS-8955-2).

So when we open the file on Internet Explorer , word & XML notepad it works as expected but if we open the same file on TextPad & XML marker the data gets messed up .

In case any one has had such issue can you please suggest a solution.

We even tried using custom java code to write the byte stream on IS still we are facing the same issue.


For XML you have to use UTF-8 encoding isn’t?..Any reason behind you are using ISO?

Also try use the PSUtilities writeToFile and see how that works:

A java.lang.String is always in UTF-8 encoding. When creating a string from bytes, one specifies the encoding used to create the bytes, so that they can be properly interpreted and converted to UTF-8 when creating the string object.

For the reverse, you get bytes from a string and specify a particular byte encoding. Such as ISO-8955-2.

Quite likely is that TextPad is unable to support/display that encoding. Thus, most likely your file is okay. It is simply a display issue. But that’s just a guess.

“…& XML marker the data gets messed up”

Can you elaborate on what is meant exactly by “messed up?”

You said messed up means are the tags getting shown all in one line with out line breaks in the TextPad view?

What is this ISO-8955-2 encoding related to French data?..I believe very commonly used is ISO-8859-1


Does ISO-8955-2 exist? I’ve searched a number of things and cannot find any meaningful reference to it. Do you mean ISO-8859-2 (Latin chars for Eastern Europe languages)?


Here is some extra info: