Using ISO-8859-1 in Tamino 3.1

Hi all,

We included a xml document using encoding=“ISO-8859-1”.
Quering by browser everything is ok, but when we use the “query” command of Tamino API (version 3) the received document use encoding=“UTF-8”.

Any hint?


Tamino stores XML Documents internally as Unicode
- whatever encoding it receives them in. So your ISO-8859-1 document becomes Unicode and I don’t believe that Tamino even remembers what encoding it came in.
If you retreive the document from Tamino it will convert it to the encoding you specify. Tamino looks at the Accept-Charset header in the HTTP request. If you don’t specify anything you get iso-8859-1. The TII doesn’t specify this header.

However the DOM APIs specify UTF-8 as a response format. But this is not very interesting for API users because the parser/dom implementions convert the document to the parser/DOM language implementation characters which for Java, Jscript and Active X are 16bit Unicode strings, and for Perl is UTF-8 strings.

If the APIS asked for ISO-8859-1 instead the program wouldn’t see any difference- except chinese documents would take longer presumably.:slight_smile:

Serialization of the DOM instances is normally UTF-8. Maybe this is your problem

Thanks, Nigel.

Maybe in future we can specify ISO-8859-1 as a response format.