is there any way to invoke a web Methods flow service from a dsp page without submitting the page?

I am trying to invoke a flow service in web methods. But on submitting the dsp form,the page is refreshed and all the css settings are reset to default, which is not needed. So is there any way, that the service is invoked without actually submitting the page?
Or is there any other way to resolve this issue?

Are you looking for a way to submit the form in DSP page without the page reload? You can use ajax functionality for that though its not out of the box.


But we cannot use AJAX with a dsp page. Is there any way other than AJAX…?


If you mean you cannot use AJAX due to reasons other than technical, then that makes sense. But AJAX can be used in DSP pages. There is nothing unique to a DSP other than the server-side syntax used to invoke services and read variables for populating page. Anything you want to on the client, such as using AJAX techniques to call services on IS, can be done.