Is there a MS Access Adapter


Is there a standard or intelligent adapter to connect to MSAccess database? If not, what is the preferred way to connect to it?

Can a JDBC adapter be used to connect to MSAccess(the documentation does not mention anything about how to connect to it)?


I do not think there is a specific adapter but you could use the JDBC-ODBC bridge. I think the MS way of getting to Access is ADO so you could write a COM based adapter your self. If not an adapter then a custom/specific BrokerClient.

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Generic Database adapter in conjunction with JDBC-ODBC bridge or any JDBC supported driver will work very fine with MS-Access.
If you need clarifications, shoot a mail and i will be able to help you more.


We need to integrate to an MS Access database - I know the Driver name is sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver and I see websites that tell me what the connection URL should be (for e.g., jdbc:odbc:DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=c:\path\to\your\database.mdb) - but, I do not see where I can enter this information on the JDBC adapter page… could somebody on this thread kindly paste a sample JDBC Adapter Connection entry to connect to an MS Access database? This would be greatly appreciated!

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To connect with MS Access, you need a ODBC adapter which is in general support now.

Can you please clarify your answer? Are you implying that the sun jdbc odbc driver is not supported any longer? If so, can you provide an example of any free supported drivers?



Are you using the Enterprise 4.x or 5.x product or webMethods B2B/IS 4.6/6.x platform? The ODBC Adapter mentioned is an Enterprise Adapter, not an B2B/IS Adapter.

The Sun ODBC JDBC Bridge is not a great option in any case due to issues with it running in multi-threaded environments [check out Sun’s site for more information].

You may find a driver option for MS Access at this site [it would have to be used with the WmDB package if you’re running B2B/IS]:


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Thank you for the information! We are using IS and so, I guess we will have to use WmDB to connect to the Access DB.

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Our production environment runs on AIX 5.2 and in one occasion we need to connect to an Access DB on a Windows machine (well, where else …:slight_smile:

To accomplish this we use WmDb and the JDBC-ODBC bridge from Esysoft which works very nice.


Can you provide me with further details about configuring this adapter?

You help is greatly appreciated.