IS package loading Order

Hi All,

Is this possible to change the order of loading any package in webMethods 8.2 ? If yes then could you please let me know how i can set the order of custom package while IS startup.

I am facing some issue in Production due to this issue.
One of our package is failed to load due to dependent package (which is loading after this package) and we have to manually load that package after server restart.

Can anyone please help ?

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Yogesh,

Please try and add package dependencies in your package. right click on your package–>open–> then add all the package dependencies, by virtue of this all the dependent package will reload while loading your package.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


@ Yogesh,

Thats a good idea to add the package dependencies on packages and its a best practice too…

When you are deploying the package manually (not by WmDeployer) it is advised to load the dependent package first…

I am not sure why are you getting facing this issue while IS startup…

Do you face this error each time you restart the IS.

Hi Vivek,

Great !!
This change perfectly works for me, thank a lot for your quick help :slight_smile:


Great!!! :smiley:


Hello Mahesh,

Yes i am getting this exception every-time i restart the server.
Seems like this issue occur after migrating the package partially last week.

But now it is Ok as i have added dependent package to the list.

Thanks for your response.

Have a Great Day !

Hmm… “Seems like this issue occur after migrating the package partially last week” this might be the root cause…

Did you migrate your webMethods version recently…? The reason why I am asking you this because this error should not occur due to the webMethods migration… If yes we need to analyse the root cause further…

Hi There,
Even you can disable the package from the backend by setting “enable=no” in manifest file of that package and once IS comes up, you can enable it from the Admin page.



No change in webMethods version, issue occur after promoting package partially.



Thanks for your response, But

Enabling and Disabling the package is not a good idea…because it is a production issue and we can not do this Activity every time in our Production environment.



For your requirement adding package dependency is good. I told you the way to disabling the package if its hampers IS startup.