IS not getting started

Hello all,

My MWS was not starting and I was getting invalid/username for MWS datasource. So i asked my DBA to reset the password and share the new password with me. I also updated the same password in MWS config db xml file and then MWS came up easily. But the problem I am facing is with one of the Integration Server.

The Integeration Server was down when MWS password was updated. So now when i am trying to start the Integration Server, i am getting below errors -

2020-04-10 12:32:09 CEST [CommonLib.MWS.0002I] Initializing component: com.webmethods.rtl.util.xml.XMLUtil
2020-04-10 12:32:09 CEST [CommonLib.MWS.0002I] Loading phase: [phaseID, phaseName] [miePhaseTwo, miePhaseTwo]
2020-04-10 12:32:09 CEST [CommonLib.MWS.0002I] Initializing components of: miePhaseTwo
2020-04-10 12:32:09 CEST [CommonLib.MWS.0002I] Initializing component: com.webmethods.portal.service.sql.core.ConnectionManager
Error creating database connection to: jdbc:wm:oracle://frmseaiwbmd01:1521;serviceName=EAID1com.wm.dd.jdbc.oraclebase.ddej: [SoftwareAG][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

Can anyone please help where to do the necessary changes.

Thanks in advance.


Was your IS/MWS sharing the same user/pwd for that DB assuming it is yes? Also any particular reason why your IS was down when you are handling the MWS dB pwd reset?



afaik, IS will start any way but without database-based functions (might take a bit longer than usual).

After that you can loging with any IS-local User (i.e. Administrator) and correct the database settings.
After that restart IS one more time and the database functions will be enabled again.