IS MWS Login page code


Wanted to know how does the login authentication works when we login to MWS or IS. Can you please tell me how can I see the code?

Thank you

The authentication module code is something interal to the SAG Product (MWS/IS) and it is not available in the product docs publicly. You will find a very high level infos on the Admin guide but not in detail.

May I know the reason for your question and what exactly you are looking forward?

Integration server and My webMethods server both uses CDS libraries for authentication; CDS libraries - central directory services

CDS libraries interacts with DB tables that are created under Central user schema.

MWS - When you configure central users in MWS during installation, LDAP connectivity details gets stored in Central user DB table. While submitting username and password, MWS uses CDS library to verify authenticity of user with ldap info that is in tables.

IS - Central user basic configuration with ldap or local store is done through MWS, so IS is pretty simple. You will just make it to connect to central user schema via IS admin page. IS will also have CDS libraries. When user login to IS, CDS library in IS will verify in Db tables to check user authenticity by making ldap call or local store.