IS/MWS and Active Directory authentication

I have setup a brand new instance of MWS and IS 8.2 Service pack 2 running on 2 different linux systems. I have configured MWS to use active directory and can view and configure users that only exist in AD. MWS allows login via URL (http://MWSServer:8585/) but I do not get the standard MWS panes with Administration and Monitor options only the folder links like you see when login with sysadmin. Users in AD group are configured as My Webmethods Admins.

IS is configured for central configuration but I cannot login to IS Administrator at all without creating the user profile within MWS and making it part of the Administators group.

Is this the way it is supposed to work? I don’t necessarily need to have Administrator priviliges and functions for AD users but I was expecting to at least be able to login?

Long time ago i had the same issue and it was resolved with adding proper groups to the AD users to which you are providing access.

Log in to the MWS using the sysadmin and then go to Folders->Administrative Folders->Directory->roles and click on the My webmethods users role. Now go to the members tab and add the user or the group that you are trying to give access to and save the settings. I think this should resolve your issues.


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