IS Log rotation

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I can’t find any infos regarding log rotation. Is there a way in IS to rotate logs and compress the old ones?
IS is deployed on a Linux server, I might use logrotate but if there a way in IS I prefer.

webMethods Integration Server version 9.5.



Even I have observed this from 9.0 release, I think this is the new default behavior of server log since 9.0 release. We need to check this with SAG global support to see if the log rotation can be enabled.

Meanwhile you can try adding the below settings on IS:




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Hi M@he$h,

thanks for your answer on IS, looking into “Extended Settings” I only got the followings


and looking for it I’ve found out that watt.server.logRotateInterval it’s only for statistics log, is that right?

How can I set the rotation of server.log?


I just checked one of my 9.5 instances.

There is a wM internal scheduler (system task) named “Log Recycle”.
This one should rotate the logs automatically on a daily basis.

For compressing the old logs we have build our one scheduled service.



watt.server.logRotateInterval I guess it should work for server.log. Try giving this settings on extended settings. Restart the IS if required.

And also we can think of the solution provided by Holger regarding the scheduled service to compress the old server logs.

@ Holger,

Can you share more details on this please?

Try out this setting watt.server.logRotateInterval=1440 in server.cnf file under your IS. It works! The server.log is generated for each day and it creates a archive file say (server.log.20150129).

This should do it. :smiley:

But this one is not compressed, it is still plain text.
Additionally, there are other LogFiles created by IS in this directory which rotate in the same interval and fashion like stats.log.

What we are doing in our scheduler is, to detect the already rotated files altogether and put them in a Zip-File on a daily basis via a scheduled flow service.
After the Zip-File has been successfully created we delete the unpacked log-files to free the space on the file system.

The schedule is planned on the night in a time frame with lower data volume, but such late that the log rotate is already completed.


Yes, the watt.server.logRotateInterval unit was changed from milliseconds to minutes. So use 1440 now instead of 86400000. IS does not compress the rotated files. You can use a scheduled service or a shell script to do any post-processing you wish on them.