Is it possible to restrict file uploads?

Is there some way to limit what type or size or frequency of files that can be uploaded into AgileApps?

For some of our applications that do not require authentication to upload files, we would like to be able to restrict files by:

  1. File size
  2. File type
  3. How often files can be uploaded

We have been able to overload our server with a testing tool that was uploading a large number of files in a short period of time to an unauthenticated form.


I checked with my AgileApps support team and received the following answers:

  1. For an on premise installation such as ours, the type of file extensions allowed can be restricted. This can be done by:

Go to Admin URL → Configure Service Settings → Enter Pipe (|) separated list of file extension under Basic Service Configuration. This value should be Pipe separated list of File Types like jpg|txt|pdf. If this configuration is empty then the system will allow all type of file upload otherwise the system will allow only the file type of configured extensions.

  1. No way to limit the size of files.

  2. No way to restrict the number of files that can be uploaded at the same time (across all users).