Unzip file action limitations


We recently encountered an issue within Active Transfer event wherein the Unzip file action failed with the below error:

“The number of files in the ZIP file .zip exceeds the maximum configured value 1,000”

The zip file contained around 1400 files with a total archive size of 28 MB. There is no reference to any such restriction of file count or filesize in any of the Active Transfer documentation or the empower knowledge center.

Has anybody else faced such an issue before or is able to advise where does this configuration exist and whether it can be changed?


Hi Vaibhav,

 Checkout this properties

mft.client.zip.extract.maxFileSize → 10240 (default Value in MB)
mft.client.zip.extract.maxFiles → 1000 (default value)

You need to set them in your properties.cnf file

Thanks Subhasish. I tested the zip file count property and it worked well.

Are you able to share where are such custom configurations documented? I was informed by SAG support a couple of days ago that 1000 is a hard coded value for unzip and cannot be altered.


Hi Vaibhav,

  You should be able to get all exposed properties in webmethods ActiveTransfer documentation.

But ActiveTransfer hides a few properties which are susceptible to risk, like this one is hidden for the Zip bomb attack (Zip bomb - Wikipedia).