IS_default on command central is always showing as starting and it is not coming online

Dear all,

IS_default on command central 9.6 is always showing as starting and it is not coming online.
And all child servers are started and showing as online. As we know, if all child servers are online, the parent server should become online.
due to this starting status of IS_default server on command central, there is no any action enabled to apply the action like stop/pause/restart etc. from parent server(IS_default).

Could you please help me to know the issue or any suggestion to change in configuration/fixes/etc?

Screenshot is attached.

Best Regards,
Ramesh Kumar

Command central issue.docx (100 KB)

Hello everyone,

I think I have the same problem with webMethods 9.10.

IS_default component of Command Central: Status is starting, but when open IS_default profile every other sub-component seems that everything is displayed ok. Also, there is no possibility of applying an action such as stop / pause / restart.

Have any idea please?

Best regards,
Milan Popadic

The IS_default component runtime status STARTING means that SPM cannot connect to IS’s profile JMX port and thus things IS is still starting since JMX port is not open. Check IS profile logs and SPM logs for any JMX/auth related errors.