IS default Auditing amp Custom Error handling


I have noticed few things while exploring options to combine both Auditing & Custom Error Handling:

  1. When I use custom error handling (either sequences or custom java service) for a flow service & also enable the audit properties for that service, there never be any logging in the Audit table (WMSERVICE) but it always log errors in the WMERROR table when i set following setting:

ENABLE AUDTING : When Top-Level Service
LOG ON : Error or (Error & Success)

Now with these setting , if I am catching errors in my flow service then its log in WMSERVICE (Audit) table only when I set LOG ON : Error & Success ,not with LOG ON : Error. But it will always log error in the WMERROR table.

I am in anyway handling error through my custom ways (catching errors in the catch sequence and logging error in seperate table for further escalation). Resubmitting the failed service use to be one of the critical requirement for some of TOP Level services, I am in anyway achieving it through enabling Input Pipe Line logging

I can see in other threads that , if we set EXIT step explicitly in the catch sequence then its log in the Audit table (WMSERVICE) as well.

Hence whats the advantage these IS default Audit logging (in table WMSERVICE) providing to us while we are handling error in custom fashion.

  1. I am currently handling errors through sequences fashion and logging error details in separate table. Can some one share whats the best way to do it. I mean i am capturing all the error details through getLastError service , but i think i might be missing some other critical details which may be imperative for logging error details. For example , getLastError service does’t tell the TOP Service Name which got failed, its only indicate the nested service name which got errored out in whole flow transaction.

I might be bit confusing in explaining my point , pls bear !

Pls provide your thoughts on it