IS catch sequence not executed


I’m using reliable delivery in TN
My flow is constructed with a try catch sequence

When an exception occurs in my flow which is of type ServiceException
or an exception is produced with an exit step with failure signal, everything goes OK

When an other type of exception occurs (java.lang.NullPointer,$Exception, …)
then TN complains about an invalid output and my error handling mechanism in the catch sequence
is not executed. Of course, this behavior can not be reproduced in debug mode.

What do I miss ?
Thank you.

I believe you are using try catch sequences correctly or might be you may have done some minor mistake in sequencing flow

Any way this is the psuedo code

This is how the sequence goes for error handling
Start with


----Here your actual flow services or java service invokes will be coded


—finally here you will call pub.flow:getLastError service and continue with what ever you want for debugging the flow with pub.flow:debuglog or serverlog to purge the errors to server or Error log directories.

This is how the try catch handled in WM flow…

Hope this helps…