IS AS400 Adapter and IS JDBC ADapter with IBM JT400.jar

The AS400 adapter give you the ability to set up Database connections, but I do not see a way to use the connection with the services provided? Am I missing something? If you can use this connection is it better to use it or the JDBC adapter? I am just looking for some direction with this. Has anyone work with the AS400 adapter? Any feedback is welcome.


We use the JT400.jar file to connect to the AS/400 and have been doing so since 2001 when no AS/400 adapter was available. Problems are minimal.

Is there an advantage going to the AS/400 adapter ?

Is there any advantage? Yes, by buying it you will add $25,000 to webMethods sales figures this quarter. :proud:

We used the JT400.jar file to connect to the AS/400 using IS4.6/WmDB and handled the transfer of upto 350,000 rows of data per day without any problem.

Back in the day, probably around 1992, I boldly predicted that the AS/400 would cease to exist in less than five years. I’m still amazed at the number of Big Blue customers who either 1) have so much invested in this proprietary hardware and applications which run on it to make switching cost effective or 2) don’t know better or don’t care to find out.

I do think the AS/400 ceased to be a relevant computing platform for any new development within my timeframe, but, sadly, has not vanished from the IT scene altogether.

Forgive my bashing. Would you '400 gurus care to educate the rest of us on the JT400.jar and the database to which it connects? Links always appreciated.


The JT400.jar is a set of java API’s provided by IBM that include the ability to read from and write to AS/400 data queues (a proprietary 400 queing thingy), directly execute an AS/400 program from java code, call AS/400 commands, work with 400 print queues, as well as other native 400 stuff (see and jdbc. All the wm as/400 adapter does is implement a nice wrapper for the data queue and call program interfaces and they charge $25k for it. (see webMethods_AS_400_Adapter_Installation_and_Users_Guide_6.0.1.pdf on advantage).


So the JT400.jar contains much more functionality than just reading from the AS/400 data queues, right?

If so, then the IS AS/400 Adapter might be useful in cases when you need to invoke AS/400 commands, work with print queues and “other native 400 stuff” if you did not have the internal expertise to create java services to call the other methods in the JT400.jar.

I agree that if you only needed to read or write data from AS/400 data queues then purchasing the IS AS/400 Adapter would seem to be unececessary.


I just reviewed the manual, and the only functionality of the IBM Toolbox for Java (what IBM calls the JT400.jar API’s) that is exposed by the wm adapter are the data queues, call command and call program interfaces. If you need any of the rest of what the toolkit provides, you will have to program it yourself. By the way, IBM has made JT400 open source, see

We have developed an AS400 adapter based on ADK6.1/6.5 using jt400 and it has features like Call command, call program, data queues, data areas, AS400 connection job pooling etc.

We had to do this since wM at that time did not have a wM6 AS400 adapter.

Hello All,

I have came across this discussion that has happened so far and it really helps me to understand something about AS400 which I am trying to implement (still talks are going on with SoftwareAG and I think it takes time till we get the AS400 Adapter) in our environment.

My Requirement is: I am trying to write an interface to Create/Read/Write/Delete Data Queue on the AS400.

Environment Details: we are running on wM 8.2.1 IS with no AS400 Adapter installed.

Question: To fulfill the requirement I was suggested (by Google search) to use AS400 Adapter and as we all know its costlier and I am trying to save some money to my client. So, I came across this thread and felt like this discussion might help me to write the interface and finish the interface quickly with more features.

All I need is, is it good to use jt400? How to implement this in my interface? (I mean after downloading is there any doc which helps me to load the jar on our server and start using it)

I hope you guys can help me out on this issue.

Note: I never used the AS400 Adapter before and I can work with our in house Java team to write any java code if required.

Thanks a lot.