IS Admin with ReadOnly Access

How to view IS admin with no user/pwd (Read Only )

  1. Create a Package ISAdminReadOnly
  2. Create a Top Level Folder as ISAdminReadOnly
  3. Make ACL as Anonymous for List,Read,Execute and Default for Write
  4. Copy all the Files under WmRoot/Pub into ISAdminReadOnly/Pub folder
  5. Create Wrapper services for each of the services caled inside .dsp pages
  6. Create .access file under each folder and sub-folder of pub and put an entry as * Anonymous
  7. Create a flow service that will get the Menu/Sub-Menu items with name and urls
  8. Remove all the Buttons and links that will allow user to Edit/update anything on server in all the .dsp pages
  9. Access it by http://host:port/ISAdminReadOnly with no user/pwd