IS 9.7 - JMS Connection Failed

I have problem with Integration Server 9.7 configuration.
I use a broker (instead of Universal Messaging) and during starting IS get the error:

[ISS.0028.0012I] WmOptimize: Startup service (wm.optimize.admin:startup)
[OPT.0001.0001E] Error while creating connection.
Root cause: java.lang.RuntimeException: JMS Connection failed
at pub.optimize.monitoring.createNewConnection(
at pub.optimize.monitoring.createDefaultBrokerConnection(
at wm.optimize.admin.createDefaultBrokerConnection(

http://:5555/WmOptimize configuration:
JMS Server URL: broker://hostname:6849/Broker #1

I don’t know what’s a problem.
Do you help me?


Seems like while loading WmOptimize package its not able to connect to Broker. Can you please check the JMS Server URL in WmOptimize package. Its format should be something like:


For Example - if host machine is VMABG01, Broker server port is 6849 and broker name is Broker #1 then JMS Server URL should be “broker://VMABG01:6849/Broker #1

Also check whether broker server is running or not and port no. on which server is running

Please let me know if you have any doubt.

Thanks & Regards,


Yes, I have this same configuration:

http://hostname:5555/WmOptimize configuration:
JMS Server URL: broker://hostname:6849/Broker #1

I checked - broker running on 6849 port:

telnet localhost 6849
Trying ::1…
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is ‘^]’.

Can you try the IP once in place of hostname.

Thanks & Regards,


What is the issue here? Is this error blocking you somewhere?

Hi ,

is the Optimize Environment configured and deployed under MWS?
Were the Optimize Engines restarted afterwards?

Please check if there is a Client Group “analysis” available on the Broker.

The complete URL should read as follows: