IS 60 JDBC Adapter Notification problem

I’m performing our initial pilot installation and (internal) integrations for webMethods 6.0.

As an initial test integration, I’ve set up two databases on a MS SQL Server 2000 server, each with a 2-field table. I want to get data inserted into one table to automatically appear in the other table through webMethods IS.

After I set up a JDBC Adapter insert notification service on the source table, I ran into a problem when I tried to enable the polling notification for that service. IS got an error trying to select from the buffer table it created because the table didn’t exist.

After some investigation, I discovered that the CREATE TABLE statement issued upon enabling the polling notification had the form “CREATE TABLE WMB…” while the SELECT statement used “SELECT FROM dbo.WMB…”. Since the JDBC Adapter’s login, called webMethods, isn’t the “dbo” user, the buffer table was created as “webMethods.WMB”. So, the select couldn’t find it because it was looking for the wrong name.

Is there any way to get the “dbo” out of the SELECT, or get it into the “CREATE TABLE” statement? I have worked around the issue by using the system administrator login in the JDBC adapter settings, but this obviously isn’t a production solution.

Your DBA can change the owner of the tables to DBO. Then they will be visible to webMethods.
Next time you run scripts that create tables, make sure you are signed on as DBA