Notification problem in wM 60 JDBC Adapter

We are experiencing a problem with the JDBC Notification Services. Our environment is as follow:

webMethods 6.0 with SP 1
Integration Server and Broker Server running on Windows 2000
Back-end resource is Oracle

The problem is summarized as follow:

We first create an adapter connection and enable it. Then we create an Update JDBC notification service using the above adapter connection. We enable that polling notification as well. When the data in the back-end resource gets updated (before the commit takes place), we verify that a record is written to the buffer table. But even after a commit is made, webMethods never publishes the notification document. That record remains in the buffer table forever. Consequently, our handling service never gets invoked.

This problem happens very intermittently. We also notice that the problem happens with Insert as well as with Update. Has anyone seen a similar problem. Please advise if you can. Thanks in advance.

Sry for the late reply…i am also facing the same issue in 2012…Can any1 help…!!!